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PSP Model (2009-2010)

This model was used at concert in August 31th, 2009 for “MikuFES’09 (Summer)”. Created by SEGA, and ancestor of all Miku’s model developed by SEGA. This style of Miku, non-realistic and more anime-like model, later influences both MikuPa model, and F model.

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AC Model (2010-)

In 2010, SEGA created another 3DCG model for “39’s Giving Day”. This model is also known as “Old AC”, “Arcade Miku”, “39’s Giving Model”. Its the oldest model used by 2018, and have successor model called “FT Model”. Created by SEGA’s second development division for arcade software, known as SEGA-AM2.


MikuPa Model (2011-)

In 2011, SEGA’s subsidiary MARZA Animation Planet created new model for “Hatsune Miku LIVE Party (MikuPa!)”. Unlike AC model, the development of model is depended on MARZA, not SEGA it self. Also the successor of this model, F model, is also developed by MARZA and SEGA’s collaboration member. This model is considered as second generation of non-realistic 3DCG Miku.


F Model (2012-)

Half year after 39’s Giving Day in 2012, SEGA used new model in “Natsu no Owari 39 festival (End of summer Miku festival)” which is same as Project DIVA F.
In 2013, the model became “exclusive model” to Magical Mirai series. However, that tradition was removed at MIKU EXPO 2015 Shanghai. After Shanghai concert, this model become standard for all current concert.
It is also 3rd generation of non-realistic 3DCG miku. The model is developed by corroboration team of MARZA Animation Planet and DIVA F development team.

FT Model (2013-)

In 2013, SEGA made major update for Project DIVA Arcade, and become “Project DIVA Arcade Future Tone”, and updated their AC model. It basically have more better physics engine, better resolution, adjust some model.
Although FT model does not own exclusive concert, like MikuPa model in MikuPa concert, or F model for Magical Mirai (Before 2015), SEGA still uses for some songs.

17 Model

17 model is 3DCG model for Hatsune Miku which Crypton owns. This model is currently “Exclusive model” used for “R3”, which is real-time concert system for Miku.
This model was actually developed by MARZA Animation Planet. However, this information is not shown other than initial type of model. All picture of this model is not credited to MARZA, or SEGA.




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