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【Disclaimer】 This website does not own any copyrights of pictures. (Mostly by SEGA or CFM) Quality of English articles may be lower than Japanese version, and have some difference.

What is みくみく雑記帳?

“みくみく雑記帳 (MikuMiku JunkNote) ” is the fan made website provides you information related to Hatsune Miku’s concert. However, this website also provides technical view of Project DIVA, since Project DIVA is deeply related to concert system of Miku.

How many articles do you have?

Since all articles is written in Japanese first, and translated to English later, the transition are somewhat limited. However, as I finish few transitions, translation will be much more faster.

Can I trust your articles?

Since we are now converting articles to new style, it may be not enough for now. However, we only translate new style articles, so all articles written by English can be trusted since new style articles requires evidence. All works cited are written in MLA 8 style in last. However, since this is not such big work and is not expected as academic quality, in text citation and few citation may not comply to MLA 8 standard.


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